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Complete Online Michigan Golf Course Ecosystem

Let's Golf Michigan is the first all-access online Michigan golf course ecosystem, created by 

Michiganders, to provide access to all Michigan golf courses in one place. Over 650 golf courses all in one place to connect golf courses with golfers. 

Every Michigan
Golf Course Lives

Michigan is one of the top destinations for golf tourism and Let's Golf Michigan puts all of our Michigan golf courses in one place to be accessed 24/7.

Let's Golf Michigan Golf Course Directory

Connecting Michigan
Golf Courses with Golfers

With over 500 thousand golfers of all ages in Michigan and over 24 million nationally, Let's Golf Michigan provides another door to better online visibility.

Let's Golf Michigan Golf Course Directory

Golf Course

Our cross digital marketing strategy designed for golf courses, combines all of your current digital footprint to help increase the number of golfers that discover your golf course.

Golf Partners

Added Value
to Michigan Golf

Our Michigan golf course ecosystem provides added value to the golf tourism industry by providing better golfer connections to golf courses. 

Let's Golf Michigan Golf Course Directory

“We didn't re-invent how golf courses are found. We just teed it up to the next level .”

Let's Golf Michigan Team

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Talk to a Michigander

Feel free to contact us at Let's Golf Michigan to answer any of your questions about our Michigan golf online ecosystem. Your email isn't going to end up in the inbox like hitting your golf ball into the golf course pond, never to be retrieved again. We are here for you.

Here is how you can reach us.

Thank you for contacting Let's Golf Michigan. One of our team members will contact you shortly.