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 Bridging the gap between avid golfers and   the wealth of exceptional golf courses   scattered throughout Michigan. 

About Us

Let's Golf Michigan was conceived with a dual purpose: to bridge the gap between avid golfers and the plethora of exceptional golf courses scattered throughout Michigan, while simultaneously showcasing the state's vibrant golfing scene to enthusiasts both within the United States and abroad. By creating a centralized platform for golfers to discover, explore, and connect with courses tailored to their preferences, Let's Golf Michigan fosters a sense of community among golfing aficionados while also bolstering the recognition and appeal of Michigan's golfing landscape on a global scale. Through innovative features and comprehensive resources, Let's Golf Michigan serves as a catalyst for elevating Michigan's status as a premier golf destination, enticing travelers and golf enthusiasts to experience the diverse array of courses that Michigan has to offer.

Created by Golfers. For Golfers.

More than three years ago, the inception of Let's Golf Michigan took root following our own frustrations in the quest to find and connect with golf courses online while organizing summer golf excursions. Our mission was to tackle these challenges, aiming to establish solutions that would cultivate a more efficient and user-friendly online representation for golf courses. Ultimately, our goal is to enrich the overall experience for golfers, as well as for both existing and potential online visitors.

Let's Golf Michigan Online, along with its accompanying magazine, was created with the purpose of becoming the premier hub for golf enthusiasts in the state. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive platform that not only showcases over 600 public and private golf courses in Michigan but also serves as a dynamic resource for education, connection, and engagement within the vibrant golfing community.


Making connecting to Michigan golf courses better for everyone.

Let's Golf Michigan Online is designed to be your go-to destination. Through a user-friendly interface, up-to-date information, and captivating content, we aim to enhance the overall golfing experience for individuals at every skill level, fostering a sense of camaraderie and appreciation for the sport across the state.

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Sustainability of Michigan Golf Courses

Despite the sport's great importance to the Michigan area economy and tourism, we revealed that many excellent Michigan golf courses need a better online presence or platforms for communication with avid golfers abroad. This poses a problem because Michigan is one of the best states in the country to play golf (tied for 6th nationally by and is nicknamed "America's Summer Golf Capital."

Cross-digital marketing structure will save you time and money on digital marketing services. It will also aid in strengthening your golf course brand and help golfers interact with your golf course anytime, anywhere.

Let's Golf Brand Ecosystem

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Connect With Let's Golf Michigan Today.

Feel free to contact us at Let's Golf Michigan to answer any of your questions about our Michigan golf online ecosystem. Your email isn't going to end up in the inbox like hitting your golf ball into the golf course pond, never to be retrieved again. We are here for you.

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