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Let's Golf Michigan Ecosystem


Great things come to those who exercise patience! The Let's Golf Michigan team is diligently laboring in the lab to deliver the finest online golf community connection platform. Stay tuned for our exciting platform launch in Spring 2024.


We offer a comprehensive golf marketing platform designed to assist golf courses and tourism agencies in reaching a broader audience and cultivating robust connections with their intended demographic. Whether it's advertising solutions, golf platform development, website enhancement, or search engine marketing, Let's Golf Michigan stands as your trusted partner in driving the growth of your golf-related ventures in Michigan."

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Advertising with Let's Golf Michigan
Good Business.

Let's Golf Michigan is the perfect partner for crafting a compelling brand message that resonates with an expanding community of dedicated Michigan golfers.

Let's Golf Michigan, The Magazine, tees off print and digital versions three times annually in March, September, and November. When combined with the upcoming winter 2024 launch of Let's Golf Michigan online, this presents a golden opportunity to elevate your advertising efforts.

Growing Community of People Who Love Golf.

2023 Fall Edition

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"We are committed to assisting golf enthusiasts in discovering and establishing connections with golf courses and local businesses throughout Michigan, all while savoring their passion for the game.

Golf is a sport designed for individuals of every age, gender, income level, and background. Let's Golf Michigan welcomes "everyone," making it a crucial aspect for advertisers seeking to promote their brand and attract new customers."


With our digital, print, social, and online coverage spanning over 600 Michigan public and private golf courses, Let's Golf Michigan offers a wealth of information and resources, ensuring golfers find valuable connections to golf courses and business partners 24/7.

The Podcast

The Let's Golf Michigan Podcast broadens our influence and engagement and opens larger doors for advertising partners. 

Social Connections


In our sphere, advertising partners find a supportive community—a space where they can seek resilience strategies, unearth growth prospects, and propel their ventures forward.

2024 .Media Kit

Request our media kit to get started today!

Contact Us
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Talk to Let's Golf Michigan

Feel free to contact us at Let's Golf Michigan to answer any of your questions about our Michigan golf online ecosystem. Your email isn't going to end up in the inbox like hitting your golf ball into the golf course pond, never to be retrieved again. We are here for you.

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